The Procedure That Results In Attractively Shaped Breasts

The breasts do not contain muscles and they therefore tend to sag due to a number of reasons. Gravity plays a role in sagging of breasts and as you grow older, you will find that the breast tissues lose elasticity and therefore droop. You may have genes that cause your breasts to droop or you may have sagging breasts after childbearing.

The problem with sagging breasts is that no amount of exercise can firm them up as is the case with other parts of the body. In fact when you lose weight, fat is also lost from the breasts and since they do not have muscles, they end up sagging. You can restore the shape of your breasts by going through the mastopexy procedure.

Reasons For Undergoing A Mastopexy

A mastopexy is a surgical procedure that is used to raise the breasts by tightening the breast tissues and getting rid of excess skin on the breast. The areola is positioned forward and if it is enlarged, it can be reduced in size. The nipple is also raised to a more attractive position. The procedure results in breasts that have a better shape and projection. This procedure is suitable if your breasts have lost their shape and volume.

It is also suitable if your nipples lie below the crease of your breast and if they point downwards. You can go through the procedure if your breasts are flat at the top and rounded at the bottom. The procedure is also suitable if your areolas are enlarged and the skin on the breasts is stretched. In case you have one breast that lies lower than the other one, then this is the procedure for you.

Going Through The Procedure

You can go through a mastopexy once your surgeon has confirmed that you are in good physical health. You should also have quit smoking before the surgery if you are a smoker. As long as you are comfortable with the size of your breasts, the surgery will be suitable for you since it lifts the breasts without offering a significant change in breast size. If you have breasts that are sagging and you also need to increase the size, then a breast augmentation may need to be done alongside the mastopexy. You can also undergo a breast reduction during the procedure if your breasts are too large.

Techniques Used In Mastopexy

The surgeon will decide on the technique that will work best for you depending on how much your breasts have sagged and how much skin is loosely hanging on the breasts. The surgeon will discuss with you the various techniques that can be used during your consultation so that you can also give your views. Many women normally have concerns about the scars that will result from a breast lift. This is because all the incisions that are made during the procedure are visible on the breast.

You should therefore not focus too much on the scar that will result since it will fade significantly with time. You should instead focus on the incision that will give you the best results. Your surgeon can use techniques that ensure there is minimal invasion into the skin. Scar treatment is also available to ensure that your scars heal well.

Paying for Surgery

Most peoples first thought when considering plastic or cosmetic surgery is that of how they will pay for it. It is a huge expense. New options are becoming available for patients requiring these specialist services, so continue reading. Crypto currency is one of them. Crypto currency can be successfully traded on the Bitcoin Trader platform. If you are a Bitcoin investor, enquire with your specialist today regarding the flexibility of using Crypto currency for your surgery.

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